Directions for Clonsilla location (until December 31, 2019): Entrance to the building is directly across from the fire hall. Follow the driveway around to the rear and enter through the glass doors, going through to the suite of offices on the right. The entrance to my office is shared with another agency. Parking is free; the building is fully accessible.

City bus routes:

Route 5 - Charlotte - the nearest stop is Clonsilla Avenue and The Parkway

Route 7 - Lansdowne - the nearest stop is Lansdowne Street at Canadian Tire/Tim Horton's

Directions for Rink location (effective January 1, 2020):

Parking is at the side of the building. There are visitor parking spaces at the front and the middle of the lot. Use the side entrance in the middle of

the building. The office is on the second floor; turn left at the top of the stairs and the office is the last one on the left. Parking is free. The building is not accessible. If you have accessibility concerns, please speak with me.

City bus routes:

Route 7 - Lansdowne - the closest stops are Albert and Park Street or Townsend and Park Street.


This is not a crisis service.

If you or someone you know requires immediate assistance, please contact your doctor, your local emergency department or 911. You may also contact 4 County Crisis 24 hours a day at 1-866-995-9933.